Speciality Services

Take a look at a few of the services that we specialize in. If you have any questions, we would LOVE to hear from you.

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New vinyl applied to Retail location for a sale

Retail Services

Mid-Penn Graphics started working in the retail industry in 2007. This has become a large part of our business.


  • Install and remove marketing displays
  • Install graphics on the storefront windows
  • Install traditional wallpaper and border
  • And more! 

Vinyl and Adhesive Removal

Removing adhesive can sometimes be more challenging than you might expect.

The method of adhesive removal depends on the type of adhesive or how it as applied or assembled. Our trained technicians have proven experience in identifying the type of adhesive used and the best methods to remove it. 

Vinyl and Adhesive Removal​ services available
Vinyl Application​ services available

Vinyl Application

Our technicians will come to your business, remove all graphics, and install your new rebranded graphics package.

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